Do you fly Mk3 spaceplanes and need to haul lots of stuff into space? The Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) from the brilliant team of KospY and Winn75 provides a framework for doing just that. However, you have to attach containers to the outside of your spaceplane, which is not very aerodynamic. To answer this demand, RocketWorks has developed three KIS Containers that fit inside the Mk3 CRG Cargo Bays: Mk3 KIS Small Container (5000L), Mks3 KIS Medium Container (10000L), Mk3 KIS Long Container (20000L). You can, of course, install upto four Small Containers inside the CRG-100 Cargo Bay. To install a Container in a Cargo Bay, first place a Mk3 KIS Mount on the floor of the Cargo Bay. This Mount is a ruggedized version of the KospY/Winn75 KIS "SM-62 Container mount". It has been enlarged strengthened to handle the additional stresses of the new containers. Then, drop a Container on to the mount. Right-click the KIS container and load-up whatever you need to haul into space.

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