Stockalike Realism Overhaul | 原版现实主义大修

这个mod会给你带来很多精细,需要Kopernicus,因为它也是一个行星包。 除此之外,它是完全独立的(不需要其他mod)。 对于KSP 1.7, 也是行星包。 甚至包括纠正该模块的现实性方面的现实部分。 包括:真实的电池,真实的燃料(尽管没有低温特性)和其他繁杂的零件!
This mod adds many new surprises, requires Kopernicus as it also is a planet pack. Other than that, it is completely standalone. For KSP 1.7. Is also a planet pack. Even includes realistic parts to remedy the realism aspect of the mod. Includes: Realistic batteries, Real Fuels (although without cryogenic properties) and other miscellaneous parts!